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In our huge collection of templates, taxi receipt template is also added so you can simply make taxi receipts within no time using this ready made taxi receipt template. According to various researches, lack of proper documentation or records on what money went into could mean a potential fiddle or wrong use of personal or professional finance. That is the reason, professional always recommend having a written evidence of each and every business transaction in shape of receipts. Taxi receipt is a commercial document prepared by a taxi driver or transportation company when charge a passenger for drive in taxi. A taxi receipts generally reveals that specified sum of money as payment of taxi ride or charges of transportation has been paid by the passenger as agreed. Taxi receipts can be prepared for documentation of traveling within a taxi from one place to another.

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As it is necessary to have receipt for a sales or purchase transaction, having taxi receipt is also important as an evidence of transportation in taxi so an employee can reimburse the money spent on traveling easily by owner or employer. A taxi driver can use taxi receipts to keep track of his or her earning during the day. Most of taxi drivers use receipt book to make taxi receipt manually whereas you can make professional looking taxi receipts on personal computer using taxi receipt template. Here we have a taxi receipt template on this page that gives you all necessary fields for filling out information such as date, time, pickup address, destination address, name of driver, fare, tip and total amount paid by the passenger etc. You can make and print taxi receipts as per your needs. Below provided taxi receipt template is free to download and can be editable in Microsoft word.

Taxi Receipt Templates

We are feeling happy to provide you ready to use taxi receipt templates that can help you a lot to fabricate professional looking taxi receipts in short time. Receipts are formal documents that are issued to acknowledge the receiving of some goods, services or payment from another party and these can be different in format based on the transaction made. Taxi receipt is a common type of commercial documents and plays a vital role when travelling from one place to another. Taxi receipt is a written proof of transportation services provided by a transport company or an individual person. It is usually prepared and issued by a taxi driver or transport company to acknowledge that payment has been received from the passenger or client in return of transportation services provided. Just like other receipts, taxi receipts allow drivers and transportation companies to keep track of their transaction made in a day. You will like cab receipt templates.

Taxi receipts have equal benefits for both taxi drivers and passengers. Taxi driver or a company can use taxi receipts to calculate total earning in a particular period of time as well as to save record of all clients or passengers. For passengers and clients, taxi receipt acts as a written evidence or proof that the person has traveled through the taxi for an official purpose. Through this way, taxi receipt can help a lot an employee to get reimbursement of travelling expense from the employer or company. Making of taxi receipts for all passengers or clients is an important part of the job when you are working as a taxi driver and you can use taxi driver template to make computerized taxi receipts.

Most of companies and taxi drivers prepare taxi invoice manually using invoice books. In this age of computer, making of taxi invoices are fairly easy and simple with help of taxi receipt template. A taxi receipt template is a ready to use document that provides a professional format to make taxi receipts easily. An elegantly prepared taxi receipt template may include all necessary fields and spaces for filling out basic information such as date, time, pickup address, destination address, name of driver, transportation charges, tip and total amount to be paid by the customer etc. If you really want to make and print taxi receipts in professional manner, then below provided taxi receipt template will help you out a lot to do so in a best way.

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