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Security Deposit Receipt Template

As a landlord or property owner you may need to provide your tenants a security deposit receipt when letting him or her to use your own property on lease or rent and you can use our ready made security deposit receipt template for this purpose. Security deposit receipt is produced in Microsoft excel and it allows it users to make faultless security deposit receipts on personal computer. Security deposit is a particular sum of money paid by the tenant to landlord or real estate agent in order to get a house, apartment or building for rent or lease as a vital part of lease or rental agreement. landlords and real estate agents use this security deposit to cover nonpayment of rent if the tenant fails to pay the rent. There can be many other reason behind getting security deposit. Security deport receipt is a document issued by the landlord as a written evidence after getting security deposit from tenant.

About Free Security Deposit Receipt Template:

Laws and policies of most countries or states limit the amount of security deport that can be collected as one or two months’ rent payment. Amount of security deposit can vary based on property or building being rented or leased. A detailed security deposit receipt may include information such as identification of the property or building being leased, the amount of security deposit, the date of transaction, name of the tenant who is payingalong with name and signature of the owner or agent who received it.Internet provides you more than one ready to use formats and layouts that you can use to create security deposit receipts in error free manner. This page is also loaded with security deposit receipt template and anyone can download it free of cost. All elements of the security deposit receipt template are editable in Microsoft word program.

Download Free Security Deposit Receipt Template:

Security Deposit Receipt Template