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Restaurant Receipt Template

Below you can get an editable restaurant receipt template without paying a single penny that helps you to generate professional looking restaurant receipts for your clients and customers when providing them restaurant related services. This is a good hotel receipt template as well. Hotel receipt is a document prepared and issued by the restaurant management to document the transaction made with the customer in written for record keeping purpose. Restaurant receipt may include details like date, receipt number, name of the customer, supplies and services provided by the restaurant, cost of services, sales tax if any, total amount payable and payment mod etc. Such documents help both restaurant management and customers equally for record keeping. For instance, restaurant management or accountant can keep restaurant receipts as proof of payments made by customers. On another hand customer can use restaurant receipt as a written evidence of services availed by the restaurant that company or business may ask to show when it comes to reimburse expenses. High quality restaurants are using automatic software and computer programs to create automatic restaurant receipts for their customers whereas small restaurants cannot afford such costly programs and software to do so. Here is a restaurant receipt template which is a best alternative to all costly software and programs that can be used by all kind of restaurants. This can be used as hotel receipt template.

Advantages of hotel receipt template:

Creating a restaurant receipt sounds like a difficult job but it is not in real even one can make it in minutes via restaurant receipt template. It is a pre-formatted document by professional designers to help people when creating restaurant receipts for customers and clients.With help of a professionally designed and editable restaurant receipt template, one can save a lot of minutes because it is ready to use. One just need to fill out the blank fields of template after successful downloading. A restaurant receipt should contain all essential details about the transaction such as mode of payment, item details, payer details and receiver details etc and our restaurant receipt template is loaded with all these details. The template is suitable for all restaurants and they just need to add their own details to make it perfect for use.

Editing of restaurant receipt template:

As professionals suggest use of restaurant receipt template to create restaurant receipts with professional appearance, we are allowing all our users to download and use this restaurant receipt template free of cost. It is result of our professional team’s efforts and made in Microsoft excel program. Below appeared download button allows a user to save an editable copy of the restaurant receipt template in laptop or computer. After successful downloading, the template can be customized in Microsoft excel as required. User can adjust its various elements to put in personal details such as name of the restaurant, place to add description about services or supplies, a coulomb to show cost and payment terms etc. Best thing about this restaurant receipt template is that you can add more fields and columns into the template using great features of Microsoft excel. Once can also use the restaurant receipt template more than one time to create multiple restaurant receipts.

Download free Hotel Receipt Templates:

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