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Petty Cash Receipt Template

There is a polished petty cash receipt template below the post and you can edit it according to your needs easily. It is most important for any kind of business or company to keep sufficient amount of cash on hand to make little and immediate purchases for various reasons. For this purpose many businesses and companies use petty cash to administer small expenditures on daily basis. Petty cash custodian is an employee of the company who is responsible to supervise and manage all petty cash expense in an organized way. A document named petty cash receipt helps a lot to keep a good record of petty cash transactions on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Making petty cash receipts on regular basis is best way to keep proper track of petty cash transactions and to prevent unnecessary expenses.

Almost in all business organizations and companies every time a payment is made through petty cash to manage small expenses of the company and it is recorded in the petty cash register usually by the petty cash holder or counter cashier. Petty cash is just like funds issued by accountant general or owner of the business to make payments for small expenditures like stationary, meeting meals, delivery wages and other office equipment etc. It is cash amount to be used for various necessities and many other expenses for the business or company. As it is admitted that petty cash receipt is an important document for any business setting or company, it should be prepared carefully with accurate amount and details. It can be prepared manually but use of petty cash receipt template is recommended to design petty cash receipts with a professional format and appearance. You can change easily its fonts, colors and other elements to adapt it with your company’s logo using Microsoft word program. You can also take multiple prints of it as per your daily needs.

Download Petty Cash Receipt Template:

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