Payment Receipt Template

You can use this payment receipt template to create any type of payment receipt for your business or company to record all payments in an organized manner. A business document containing information and details about payment like date, time, payment made for, payer’s name, receiver’s name, mod of payment and terms of payment is familiar as payment receipt. It is just like a solid proof of payment in written format that can be used for variety of reasons. Payment receipts are prepared by individual persons, professionals, business and companies to record payments in best way for documentation purposes. Making of payment receipts is very easy with help of payment receipt template.

 Whether you are selling goods to customers or providing your services to fulfill their needs, payment receipt is a must document you have to prepare for each transaction made with your customer or client. It is a business document that shows your professionalism and should be drafted with accurate details and a professional format. You are welcome to download a payment receipt template free here on this page and can personalize to suit your business style and needs. It is easily editable in Microsoft excel so you can make more changes in it by using great feature of Microsoft excel.

A detailed payment receipt should contain all basic details about mode of payment, item details, details about payer and receiver details etc to document the payment transaction in best way. Payment receipt can be used for various purposes just like for payment for goods purchased, loan installment payment, payment against services purchased, rent payment and for many other types of payments. Part from the nature and type of your business, making of payment receipts can help you a lot for official record keeping of payments. There is a payment receipt template designed by professionals and satisfies any requirements that you have for your personal records. You just have to insert your own details into the template in order to create spotless payment receipts.

Download Payment Receipt Template:

payment receipt template

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In near future we will try to add more free payment receipts with different formats and designs.

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