House Rent Receipt Template

A house rent receipt with sufficient spaces and fields is added here for your convenience to manufacture spotless house rent receipts within minutes. You can download free useful house rent receipt templates here. A document with sufficient amount of details about payment of house rent like what amount of rent was paid, on which date it was paid and to whom it was paid is recognized as house rent receipt. It is generally prepared between landlord and a tenant to document payment of rent in writing. House rent receipt is a legal document that can be used by involved parties to settle any dispute or misunderstanding related to house.

As a person who is managing rental property or house, you must provide your tenant with a house rent receipt in order to pen down the transaction. House rent receipt gives a tenant a legal way to prove that rent has been paid before due date in the event of a dispute. You can prepare a house rent receipt manually on a simple piece of paper and another way to fabricate this document is use of house rent receipt. Just download a suitable house rent receipt template from web and customize as required in order to make it perfect as needed.

As we all know that house rent receipt is a document to record transaction of house rent payment, it must be prepared by property owners for each payment. As per rules and regulations of some states and countries, you as a property owner or landlord have to provide a house rent receipt anytime the tenant asks for one. Usually house rent receipts are got by those who stay in a rental house or a rental apartment in result of a rental agreement made with the landlord or real estate agent. House rent template is a blank document available here on this page that can be filled up with personal details to formulate house rent receipts shortly.

Download House Rent Receipt Template:

house rent receipt template

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This is another property rent receipt tempalte..

property rent receipt template


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Delivery Receipt Template

A beautifully designed delivery receipt template is available here for free of cost. Delivery receipt can be defined as a document signed by the receiver of a delivery or other goods that can serve as a written proof of accurate delivery. It is a professional manner used by shipping and cargo companies to make sure that delivery is actually received by exact person or entity. We often shop things and products online and ask the vendors to deliver goods on provided postal address. They send goods via couriers and shipping companies and ask you to sign delivery receipt to identify receiving of delivery.

Delivery receipt is a vital document to ensure safe and right delivery of various valuable products. It is a document stating that someone has actually received the shipment or delivery on mentioned date and now has fully taken the possession of products or items in delivery. Shipping companies and couriers also use delivery receipts to keep track of deliveries in a particular period of time. Making of delivery receipt is not a big deal nowadays because delivery receipt templates are obtainable to get help from. Try to download and use below listed delivery receipt template to produce delivery receipts for your business or company.

In this fast and busy age of life, mostly people prefer to use services of shipping agencies and transportation companies to deliver valuable goods or packages to other people or business entities and companies prepare delivery receipts to make sure that goods are safely delivered to desired destination or person. A delivery receipt usually signed by the receiver or goods, product or a shipping package. A delivery receipt should be included with all essential details and information. A business establishment or company needs to prepare delivery receipts with professional appearance. Hence, a beautifully formatted delivery receipt template is added here on this page which is considered as a most effective and handful tool to create and print delivery receipts conveniently. A user can easily insert details in the template as needed.

Download Delivery Receipt Template:

delivery receipt template

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Bill of Sale Template

This bill of sale template is prepared by our team of professionals and it is very simple and easy to edit the template fit to your needs. A vital document required at the time of sales transaction when someone want to sell his car, property or any other thing is recognized as bill of sale. It is a kind of legal document that keeps buyer and seller away from future problem when they both agree to make a sales transaction according to the terms and conditions. A detailed and well made bill of sales reveals that ownership of mentioned goods, property or product has been changed to buyer’s name and he is legal owner of goods after complete payment of money.

A bill of sale can be simple or complex according to the nature of transaction or goods being sold. It generally includes name and standard details of both parties, comprehensive details of the item being sold, date, time, sale price and other terms regarding sale. It also contains a statement telling that the seller is legally transferring the ownership of mentioned property or vehicle being sold to the buyer. You can make a bill of sale easily using bill of sale template.

A carefully prepared bill of sale proves the ownership of a given item and can be used for several purposes. For example, it can be used in a court of law to demonstrate ownership for different items just like property, vehicles, cars, motorcycles and many other similar items. A bill of sale generally provide basic details and information about that the seller has legal title to the selling item and sells it to the buyer in return of a specified sum of money. When buying a car, a bill of sale acts as confirmation of an agreement and is legally obligatory between parties. It can be produced easily using bill of sale template provided here for free. It is simply editable and changed can be made easily as needs.

Download Free Bill of Sale Template:

bill of sale template

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Return Receipt Template

We are sure this return receipt template will truly assist you in designing of a return receipt because it is easily customize able. Sales return or customer return is a normal part of usually any kind of business and company. Goods may be returned by the buyer to supplier due to defects or if they are not fulfilling needs of the customer. A customer can ask the supplier to replace goods or can ask to get cash against return of goods. Suppliers and vendors use a document to record return of goods which is named as return receipt and can be prepared with return receipt template easily.

In most business settings, retailers are not usually required to accept returns but some of them accept returns to facilitate customers as well as to win their trust. Either you are running a small retail store or working in a large scale shopping mall, you will need to prepare return receipts on regular basis and it can be a challenging task to prepare separately for each customer. Here we have a return receipt template that you can save to your computer for later use after downloading. It enables you to construct return receipts within minutes.

Majority of businesses and companies prepare return receipts automatically for customers using advanced software and computer programs. Another simple and most effective way to make sure that documentation is valuable and correct every time is using appropriate templates. A template acts as a road map to follow when developing or documenting various business transactions and similarly return receipt template can be used to create return receipts in error free manner. Microsoft word is a powerful computer program that lets you to customize return receipt in user friendly environment in order to make the receipts fit for business needs and requirements. The template is downloadable for free of cost.

Download Return Receipt Template:

return receipt template

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Its really important to document each and every transaction you face. There should be proof in black and white so that in the time of need you can avoid disputes and problems. This receipt template can be edited easily in the Microsoft word software..

Rent Receipt Templates

You will like to utilize these rent receipt templates to prepare rent receipts if you are responsible to collect rental payments from tenants. As a professional property owner or landlord, you should give your tenant a receipt when he makes a rental payment and that receipt is known as rent receipt. It is a professional and most effective way to confirm payments made for a room or home which is under the use of tenant for rental purpose. According to the studies, in many states and countries it is must for landlords to make rent receipts at the time of rental payments.

It is known by everyone that having transactions formalized in writing format can help avoid any mistakes in future times. Similarly a rent receipt serve as a written proof of rental payment with complete details like time, date, amount of rent, rent of the month and late fees if any etc. Rent receipt gives you a hand for paper work to keep good track of rental payments made by a tenant. Making of rent receipt is not a rocket science but if you need some guideline and instructions to make them in a best way, you are advised to use rent receipt template.

A rent receipt could be just a statement written out by hand or torn out of a receipt book that documents a rent payment in details. Advanced computer programs and software are obtainable in these days to construct rent receipts but one can also create and print customized rent receipt using free rent receipt template. A rent receipt is a vital document that gives a tenant a legal way to prove that he or she paid rent in order to settle a dispute or misunderstanding with landlord or property owner. Rent payments are usually done on a monthly basis and rent receipts prepared to document rent payment transactions accordingly. Rent receipt template is a handy tool to create rent receipts shortly in no time.

Download Free Rent Receipt Templates:

Rent Receipt Form Template:

rent-receipt-form template ++


Rent Payment Receipt Template:

rent payment receipt template ++


Office Rent Receipt Template:

office rent recept template ++


Cash Money Rent Receipt Template:

cash money rent receipt template ++


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Bill Receipt Template

Do you have a bill receipt template? No? We have one for you specially prepared in classy manner and easily editable in Microsoft excel program. A document prepared and issued by a seller or vendor to buyer stating of use  amount of information about a sales transaction just like name of the customer, purchased items, quantity, price per unit, total price and mod other relevant details. Bill receipt is a totally different document to notify that bill amount has been paid by the customer against purchased items or goods. In other words bill receipt is a written proof of payments made by customers against purchases.

A bill receipt is a commercial document that serves as a record for both seller and the buyer that a transaction has been completed and specified sum of money has been paid to accomplish a transaction. Many businesses and companies are making bill receipts manually but use of bill receipt template is a professional manner to prepare them on your computer. After successful downloading of suitable bill receipt template one can customize it as per needs to save precious time as well as to increase productivity.

There are plenty of small businesses and companies that still use bill receipt templates to draft bill receipts for their business transactions and deals. A bill receipt usually presented to a customer by seller or company when the customer make payment for bill generated by the company in result of a transaction. Bill receipts are considered as significant business document that are using for official record keeping. Such documents play a vital role in making of financial statements so enough amount of time should be spent to create such documents. Bill receipt template is a super fine instrument to get help while creating bill receipts. A skillfully produced bill receipt template is added here for your reference.

Download Free Bill Receipt Template:

bill receipt template

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7 Free Sales Receipt Templates

Do you want to have an elegantly designed sales receipt templates? We have few for you free of cost. A business document that generally portrays details like date and time of sales, kind of items sold, number of goods or items, price range, total amount, seller or vendor’s name and contact details and information about buyer is recognized as a sales receipt. In simple words a sales receipt is a printed or written piece of paper with comprehensive details about a sales transaction. Sales receipts help both parties in various ranges. Use of sales receipt is suggested by professionals to produce ingenious sales receipts in short time.

Basic purpose of sales receipts is to keep track of all sales transactions in a day or in particular period of time whereas customers can also use them to maintain record of their purchases as well as to replace or return purchased goods due to damages or lake of quality. Sales receipt is something that displays your professionals that’s why you should prepare them in professional format using sales receipt template. Sales receipt is a pre designed document prepared by experts that can be customized with your own business details in Microsoft excel.

Sales receipts can be manufactured for tracking business transaction from the template available here below the content. Sales receipts are commonly used business documents you have seen and receive thousand times when making sales transactions with individual person or company. Sales receipt is an official document to record a sales transaction in writing for future use. Sales receipts helps general accountant of the business to prepare major financial reports as well as sales reports. Thankfully Microsoft excel is equipped with number of useful templates that can be used to create and print sales receipts for free. You can also download a free sales receipt template over here to fulfill your business needs.

Download Free Sales Receipt Templates:

Printable Sales Receipt Template:

printable sales receipt template 1 ++



Blank Sales Receipt Template :

blank sales receipt template 2++



Editable Sales Receipt Template:

Editable Sales Receipt Template ++


General Sales Receipt Template:

general sales receipt template ++


Business Sales Receipt Template:

business sales receipt template ++



Commercial Sales Receipt Template:
commercial sales receipt template ++


Product Sales Receipt Template:

product sales receipt template ++


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Invoice Receipt Template

You can download this invoice receipt template free of cost to edit in Microsoft excel as per needs of your business. Invoice receipt can be described as an important commercial document by a company or business for seller to demonstrate of use details related to a transaction as well as to make request for payments against good purchased. Invoice receipts shows that money owed by customer has been paid as promised. It is a written proof of a sales transaction and payment that both parties can save for future concerns to settle various future disputes and misunderstandings. You should use invoice receipt template when making invoice template for your company.

Invoice template enumerate a sales transaction in detailed manner showing useful details such as date, time invoice number, seller’s name, type of goods involved in transaction, quantity, total amount payable, contact details etc and also serve as a record of payment made by the customer. A well made invoice receipt with accurate details lets sellers to track outgoing products as well as indicating to buyers what products or services are incoming against what cost. Don’t forget use of an invoice receipt template when making invoice receipts because it saves your precious time and also increase productivity.

Become more organized and environment friendly using our invoice receipt template while making invoice receipts for customers and clients. It is totally free to download and available in ready to use format. Microsoft excel lets a user to customize the template in order to give it a personalized appearance and a professional touch. You can easily download it to your desktop for later use without paying any single penny. Contents of the template are changeable as needed even you can also customize its color scheme, fonts, layout and other elements as fit to your needs.

Download Invoice Receipt Template:

invoice receipt template

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Blank Receipt Template

Do you want to manage your sales in a best and professional manner? Make receipts for your all customers using blank receipt template. Receipt is a document reveals written proof of payments in retail establishments. Generally receipts are produced by sellers and vendors to document sales transactions made with their customers. Receipts are different in content and formats that can be used for variety of different reasons. When you purchase anything from super market they usually hand over a piece of paper to you that demonstrates details about the transaction like date, time, type of goods or products being sold, total amount to be paid by customer and payment mod etc.

Receiving of receipts is a general practice by everyone when making purchases from supermarkets and retail stores. Receipts can also be used for many other objectives. Vendors use them for record keeping and customers can save them as payment proofs to avoid future disputes. Receipts are beneficial for any kind of business, company or organization to keep good track of transactions. A lot of useful ways are available in these days to prepare receipts and one of them is use of blank receipt template. Get a perfect blank receipt template here on this page and generate custom receipts for your business in short time.

If you are using a receipt printing service to print receipts for your business or company, it may increase our all cost of production. Use of such services is unfavorable for small businesses and companies and they cannot afford in their short budget. Though, making receipts is not a rocket science but one may need to learn some basics about receipts in order to prepare spotless receipts without wastage of time. Luckily, Microsoft excel is equipped with great features to create receipts and one can simply create receipts at home or at office using it on a personal computer. Another best way to create and print receipts is use of blank receipt template. It is a readymade document functional with necessary spaces and fields to formulate receipts of all types in few minutes.

Download Blank Receipt Template:

Auto Numbered receipt template

Link for downloading is here..


Bill of Lading Template

Here we have a bill of lading template specially prepared in Microsoft Excel (you need to download Office to open it) to generate error free bill of lading for your company or business. Bill of lading is an important document to move freight or shipment safely from one place to another. It is just like a receipt of shipping services provided by a cargo company for transportation of goods. Bill of lading is a legal document between customer and a shipping company to shift a shipment or goods as agreed. It generally contains all needed details like name of the shipper, details about shipment or goods, destination, shipping expenses and contact details of both parties to process a freight shipment etc.

A bill of lading is prepared and issues by a shipment of Cargo Company based on shipment details for the customer when he books a shipment. It serves as a written proof to make sure that shipment is accepted by the company for delivery to an appropriate party. Apart from the form of transport a company is using for delivery of goods, a bill of lading should be prepared for each and every transaction. If you need some help to design a bill of lading yourself, you are most welcome to use following bill of lading template to save your time when making bill of lading.

Basically a bill of lading is used to state that goods or packages are received by the company to transfer from one place to another as per wants of the customer. The bill of lading transfers the legal ownership of the products or goods to the company who is providing shipping services so if anything happens to the goods during transportation, the company will be responsible for paying compensation or damages. Bill of lading plays a vital role in safe transportation of goods and many other things need to be transported or delivered. Majority of companies and businesses purchase software to prepare bill of lading for customers and many of them are still preparing such documents manually. If you are a new person and responsible to prepare bill of lading, it is advisable for you to get help from bill of lading template.

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Bill of Lading Template

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