Donation Receipt Template

Personalize this donation receipt template after successful downloading in order to fulfill your needs at once. A document handed over to the donor from any charitable institute, nonprofit organization or NGO is known as donation receipt. It is used to note down donations made by donors for documentation purpose as well as to provide donor with a written proof for donations made. Making donation receipts is a professional manner to recognize financial distribution or other donations for a charitable institute and donor can save it as recognition in return of donation. A detailed and well formatted donation receipt provides documentation to those who donate to your organization and serves as a record for tax purposes. Apart from the kind of organization you are responsible for managing, a donation receipt is something vital you will need on regular basis to record donation transactions. Just download a donation receipt template suits to your needs on desktop and use it to make donation receipts for donors.

It is admitted fact that you cannot run your nonprofit organization without donations made by donors. Donors make donations to get nothing in return but you can present them with donation receipts to recognize financial support for your organization in shape of donation. Donation receipt will be used by them for record keeping and they can get rebate while filing income tax return. Donation receipt is a handy document for both donor and organization. NGO or organization can use a donation receipt for paper work whereas donors use it for tax deduction. Luckily in this age of technology it is not complex designing of donation receipts with Microsoft excel. If you are responsible to design donation receipts as an employee of the organization, you are advised to get help from donation receipt template. It not only enables you to produce donation receipts effectively but also increase productivity.

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donation receipt template

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